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Friday, September 25, 2015

SONY Pictures/TV, Asia Unveils new look for AXN (PR)

Sony Pictures Television (SPT) Networks, Asia launched a refreshed visual identity for AXN with an impactful original new look that aligns with the channel’s current programming focus. The new branding, including a new logo, graphic elements and marketing campaign, rolled out across AXN’s on-air and online platforms just prior to the premiere of The Voice Season 9 last night.

“While AXN continues to be the pay TV destination for action, we are also tapping into an audience seeking content filled with intrigue, passion and heroes,” said Hui Keng Ang, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Sony Pictures Television Networks, Asia. “Our new look aligns with that programming sensibility and speaks to today’s viewers, who are connecting with our brand across linear and digital channels, as well as social media.”

AXN’s dynamic new logo features a custom-built avante garde typeface, accentuated by a three-dimensional pyramid, which is a classic shape associated with mystery and the convergence of energy, bathed in striking shades of red.

“Red evokes energy, action, passion and danger. We are harnessing the power of that color in a new campaign that encourages viewers to discover and embrace the sense of fearlessness that permeates AXN’s series,” explains Maurizio Vitale, senior vice president of marketing, Networks for SPT, who oversaw the network’s brand refresh globally.  

The network’s new “Redefining Action” campaign, which rolled out simultaneously with the refreshed brand identity, underscores the channel’s focus on programming defined not by a particular genre but by an overall attitude -- intense, intriguing, smart and unexpected. 

Complementing the bold new look, AXN has a stellar line up of new and returning series to get viewers excited for the Fall TV season. The focus on intense, intriguing, smart and unexpected stories is reflected in the premiere on September 28 of highly anticipated drama Quantico, starring Bollywood icon Priyanka Chopra; a show not short of twists where one of the group of FBI trainees at Quantico is suspected to have plotted a massive terrorist attack. The Blacklist Season 3 is all about redefining action with Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) finding herself on the FBI’s most wanted list and on the run with Raymond Reddington (James Spader). Last September 22, reality TV sensation The Voice Season 9 kicked off with mega music stars Pharrell Williams, Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine coaching a new crop of singing wannabes; the sincerity, chemistry and rivalry make it a not-to-be missed competition.
Check out AXN’s new look and programming schedule at or join the conversation on Facebook at AXNPhilippines.

About Sony Pictures Television
Sony Pictures Television, a Sony Pictures Entertainment company, is one of the television industry’s leading content providers, producing and distributing programming worldwide in every genre and for every platform. In addition to one of the industry’s largest libraries of award-winning feature films, television shows and formats, Sony Pictures Television (SPT) boasts a current program slate that includes top-rated daytime dramas and game shows, landmark off-network series, original animated series and critically acclaimed primetime dramas, comedies and telefilms. In addition to its US production business, SPT has 19 wholly-owned or joint venture production companies in 13 countries and also maintains offices in 31 countries. SPT’s worldwide television networks portfolio includes 148 channel feeds available in 178 countries, reaching more than 1.2 billion cumulative households worldwide.  SPT also creates original content for and manages the studio’s premium video website, Crackle. Additionally, SPT owns US production company Embassy Row and is a part owner of cable channel Game Show Network (GSN) and national U.S media sales company ITN Networks, Inc.  SPT advertiser sales is one of the premier national advertising sales companies and handles the commercial inventory in SPT’s syndicated series as well as the Rural Media Group and

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Grey Hair Away.. Bring Back the Black. (PR)

Look young and say goodbye to Grey hair! A breakthrough product that will bring back the natural color of your crowning glory! Grey Away is for people with visible grey hair that brings back the natural color of hair strands and prevents it from turning grey without the risk of the harmful effects of colorants.

For only Php 995.00, Grey Away is available in all leading drugstores, selected supermarkets, and department stores nationwide. For more information like Grey Away’s official facebook page and follow @greyaway on Instagram.

Monday, September 21, 2015


Quantico follows a group of hotshot FBI recruits: the gorgeous Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra), Brooklyn hipster Simon Asher (Tate Ellington), golden boy Caleb Haas (Graham Rogers), southern belle Shelby Wyatt (Johanna Braddy), hijab wearing Nimah Anwar (Yasmine Al Massri), and dashing Ryan Booth (Jake McLaughlin); as they battle their way through training at the Quantico base in Virginia.

Led by Special Agent Liam O'Connor (Dougray Scott), the series unfolds during their present training where stories intercut between their hidden pasts and fast forward to the near future, where one of the recruits turns out to be a sleeper terrorist responsible for the most devastating terrorist attack on US soil since 9/11.
The series will keep viewers’ eyes glued to the television with intriguing storylines of bravery, patriotism, moral challenges, personal struggles and treason.

From the executive producer of Grey’s Anatomy and Criminal Minds, and written by Josh Safran (Smash, Gossip Girl); Quantico promises to be one of this season’s biggest action thriller dramas.

Quantico premieres on Sep 28, Monday at  9.45pm, within 12 hours of U.S. airing, first & exclusive on AXN.
AXN is seen on Cable Link Channel 38, Cignal Digital TV Channel 61, Global Destiny Cable Channel 61, Dream Channel 20, Gsat Channel 12, SKYCable Channel 49.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Just Roll It. A game for you and to everybody.

Entertainment now a days is beyond our imaginations, when I was a kid a street, nearby street or any open court or field is our venue for all the games that we grow up doing. But in changing times and technology, and of course by age, innovations of gaming is also uplift every now and then.

From Cards to Boardgames, to Game & Watch to Brick games, to PS1 to any software computer games is still a hit to anyone, especially if there's a bet that somehow will not tickle your morality clause, or rather make you rich but still not forgetting your values either as Christians or as a responsible citizen, and mostly its for fun without spending money and yet you are earning from it.

There is this gaming site I found out lately that has wide array of games with no age limit in particular, either a newbie or a professional can really do well in all of its offer, from selections of games similar to the board games we all grow up as such as Monopoly and others. Whats good about this is the point in your mind that hey, you are travelling the world, you are playing games with other players in the world that sometimes are your kababayans too.

Just Roll Ph also give rewards, i guess they are true to their words in making you rich by playing their games, they have weekly and monthly raffles as well to make you feel you are special and they really value your skills in terms of gaming online. 

No required test for either newbie or a pro in their site, when i access it i found it friendly as they have all the tools and guides to assist you for starting your journey with them, they even offer tutorial in the site with all the instructions on it with matching ala screen shots of your next screen after you click or approve a certain features. 

One thing I notice is, that they are  really up-to-date in adding more stuff, characters or features in the games they offer,  it is very Filipino that they adopt some social media superstars as Characters in the games like Bogart. I've never heard so far that kind of thing and it is a welcome development for us Pinoy who loves our Epics stories and legends,who knows the next time you check Just Roll It you are Prinsipe Abante looking for the majestic Ibong Adarna, or falling in love with Diwatas and save the environment. 

I must say that this is a life changing thing, and as far as seeing all the features of this site, you will be convince that they are not imitating other games or concept.  

It is secure as well, an account is needed before you can download any games to your PC, of course the information you will share is definitely confidential, this is in accordance to all online safety standards that they have to comply. Their support system is equip as well as they use ticketing system in troubleshooting your issue.

Check this video to learn more and get excited,

Friday, September 11, 2015

Being a life achiever thru Ginkgo Biloba.

All of us are achievers, we want to be the best among the rest. Challenging ourselves to be a straight achiever is a great way to spend life. Living your life of countless feat is a life story worth sharing. Be on top of life by keeping your brain on point, with the help of ATC Ginkgo Biloba.

ATC Ginkgo Biloba is a dietary supplement that is called the “Brain Enhancer”. It contains Ginkgo Biloba which protects the brain from nerve damage that can lead to Alzheimer’s disease and can also be a possible aid against Dementia. It helps retain good memory, sharpen your mind and avoid cognitive knowledge. Be a life achiever with the help of ATC Ginkgo Biloba. ATC Ginkgo Biloba is available at Mercury Drug and leading drugstores nationwide for P 6.00 per capsule.

For inquiries, you may contact ATC Healthcare at these numbers: 516-8888, 0909-3333333 or 0917-5623333.

Friday, September 4, 2015



We’re pleased that you’re trying out our app. Let us tell you a little bit about ourselves to kick things off: 

In a nutshell, LINK was designed from the ground up to bring people together. With a full suite of discovery and networking features that connect you with your local social scene, meeting new people has never been so fun and easy. We like to think that that’s why we already have over 5 million users and more than 120,000 Groups. How awesome is that?

What else, you say? On top of our discovery features, LINK is also a dedicated and free messenger. You can chat with just a few friends, or in groups of up to 500 people. For more private conversations, you can enable Private Chat mode with any friend for utmost privacy and discretion. There’s also Nomad, which lets you visit other locations around the world and chat with other LINKers. And that’s not all! In fact...

You know what? We could go on, but we’d rather let LINK speak for itself. Check it out, make some new friends, and LINK on!

-The LINK Team
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8 Essential Design Tips for Working with a Small Space (PR)

The amount of micro condos available in the market today has new dwellers facing an age-old dilemma, something that takes just a bit of ingenuity and a splash of creativity to solve. Because we know that owning a tight space means having a tough time pulling off a unique design, we’ve compiled for you eight key points in giving your space the personality it needs, no matter how small it may be.
1.     Find the perfect fit
Space presents boundless opportunities, and planning it is the first step. Determining the use of each space allows homeowners to allocate the furnishings necessary. While it is important to know the right kind of furniture to put in your home, it is just as imperative to get the right measurements for it. 
By knowing the exact floor space you’re working with, you can stylishly furnish your home without compromising space. That way, you don’t overload on home items that cramp up your space.
Photo from official Instagram of Elle Decor
 “Décor that is well thought of can give your space personal style and the illusion of extra space.”
3.     Go see black and white
Introduce contrasting elements into your space. Don’t be afraid to mix and match! Pair the old with the new, the light with the dark, or contrast soft with textures. This will add a harmonious balance that makes interiors look more spacious.
Photo by Christian Lucas Sangoyo
“Furnishing your new home doesn’t mean you can’t re-use old items, just make sure they keep to the overall theme of your home“

4.     Stamp the ‘fun’ in functional
Make use of multi-purpose items or storage pieces to save up on space. This does not mean you have to sacrifice the look of the interiors by stacking up plain boxes for storage. Spice things up by choosing ones that have eye-catching colors or prints. Refurbishing old things and re-using them, whether for storage or display, amps up your room’s style while being economical. 
Photo from Smitten Studio Online website
“Keeping your storage neat and functional means you can also show off your items as accessories”

5.       Master the art of layering
Be it on tabletops or with pillows, layering can be done in every part of the home. Use items that vary in shapes, colors and sizes. Don’t worry about overlapping because this will avoid the space from looking empty, and can actually add dimension.  

Photo from NY Ceiling, Inc. website
“Numerous items don’t mean cluttered – just keep it clean and balanced.”
6.       Add a splash of color
Color will always be your friend - just as long as you don’t overdo it. Add accent pillows to your plain and neutral sofa to make it more interesting and to make your space vibrant and happy.
Photo from Things That Sparkle Blog website
“Contrasting colors can provide a much needed pop of life in an otherwise subdued or monochromatic room”
7.       Take advantage of that wall
Think of blank walls as spaces that are just waiting to be brought to life. The best way to do this is by decking out one side with paint or accents to highlight a specific area while visual interest.
Photo from Agatha O House of Design website
“Paint your wall a bold color or stencil on a unique pattern to make it a built-in accent.”
 8.       Bring the outdoors in
Plants that flourish indoors are good for this. Not only do they bring life into your home, they also radiate tranquility and freshness. Get succulents as they are typically small, easy to maintain, and have beautiful varieties to choose from.
Photo from Centsational Girl website
“Adding plants, especially green leafy ones, is an easy way to add light and life to your space”

If living in a small space makes you feel like you’ve gotten the short end of the real estate stick, just think outside the box. Think of your small home as space that’s bursting with design potential. A dose of creativity and imagination is all it takes to have it transformed into a covetable masterpiece.
The Philippine School of Interior Design will have its upcoming exhibit “Studio 24” on October 3 to 31, 2015 at Ronac Lifestyle Center, Magallanes, Makati City. For more information, please visit: 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Shroff Travel Offers Exclusive Travel Deals Up to 50% Discount on the 26th Philippine Travel Mart (PR)

Backed with more than 21 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry, Shroff Travel guarantees its customers with professional services in providing overall solutions to their travel needs. This year, as they participate in PHILTOAs 26th Philippine Travel Mart, they are offering international and domestic exclusive travel deals that will surely make everyone excited to take their next holiday!

3D 2N - SIEM REAP, CAMBODIA with Tours - USD 173
3D 2N - BEIJING, CHINA with compulsory Tours - USD 64
3D 2N - HO CHI MINH Free & Easy Only - USD 72
3D 2N - HANOI Free & Easy - USD 75
3D 2N - BALI INDONESIA Free & Easy Only - USD 62
3D 2N - KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA with Half Day City Tour - USD 76
3D 2N - BANGKOK, THAILAND with Tour - USD 92
3D 2N - SEOUL, KOREA with Complimentary City Tour - USD 170
3D 2N - MYANMAR with Tours - USD 196
4D 3N - OSAKA, JAPAN Free & Easy Only - USD 720
4D 3N - TOKYO, JAPAN Free & Easy Only - USD 812

Puerto Princesa - Php 1,948
Cebu - Php 1,959
Coron - Php 1,969
Boracay - Php 1,990
Batanes - Php 2,736
Davao - Php 2,754
Bohol - Php 2,756
Ilocos - Php 3,782
El Nido - Php 3,932
For  more details about these travel deals and other tour packages, please check the NOTES on Shroff Travel Facebook Page.

Experience Life with Shroff Travel!
SHROFF TRAVEL aims to give everyone memorable travel experiences especially those who have great passion for exploration. That's one of the reasons why they make it easier and affordable for tourists to discover the Philippines and the rest of world by offering these special travel deals. They also offer flight promos and issues ticket on all airlines so booking your tour with them is hassle free.

For more information about Shroff Travel exclusive travel deals, please visit their BOOTH # F1037 & F1042 during the 26th Philippine Travel Mart at SMX Convention Center (SM MoA) on September 4-6, 2015.

For complete information about their available services and packages, please contact  (+63 2) 524 2222 / (+63 2) 524 3636 or text 0917 890 3637. You may also visit their website to search for available tours, flights, hotels, transfers and other travel needs. Book competitive offers with great value for your money!

Stay connected with Shroff Travel! Like them on Facebook  for a chance to win a 3day 3 nights stay in Boracay! Follow their Instagram / Twitter @ShroffTravel and dont forget to them your travel photos and use their hashtag for a chance to win surprise gift from them. #ExperienceLife #ShroffTravel #WeCare

STATE OF AFFAIRS:Personal and National Security in one drama. (PR)

Meet Charlie, a young, ambitious, accomplished but heartbroken woman into the center of the affairs of the most powerful nation in the world. 

Former Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl stars as Charleston Tucker, a top CIA analyst who works on the President’s Daily Briefing (PDB). Eating moral dilemmas for breakfast, she and her team of other brilliant agency analysts help the President prioritize national and international matters in a complex world heavily tinged with politics. 

It isn’t just business as usual for Charlie, however, as she shares a bond with her boss, as the President of the United States (Alfre Woodward) also happens to be the mother of her slain fiancé. Prepare to be enthralled as the Charlie slowly untangles the web that seems to tie her personal grief with her work.

The cast also includes Adam Kaufman, Sheila Vand, Cliff Chamberlain, Tommy Savas and David Harbour.   Writer-director Joe Carnahan (“The Blacklist”) serves as executive producer with Dario Scardapane, Katherine Heigl, Nancy Heigl, Robert Simonds, Sophie Watts, Henry Crumpton, Rodney Faraon and Julia Franz. “State of Affairs is a production of Universal Television, Bob Simonds Company and Abishag Productions.  

State of Affairs premieres August 31, Monday, at 8:50pm  (National Heroes Day Premiere) at SONY Channel.

Sony Channel is seen on SKYCable Channel 35, Cignal Digital TV Channel 60, Destiny Cable Channel 62, Cable Link Channel 39.

One Amazing Computer Now in Zero24 Installments: Beyond the Box’s MacBook Air Lifestyle Bundles. (PR)

Now is the perfect time to turn your dream into reality. Starting today, September 1st, the MacBook Air 11” & 13” 128GB variants will be available in super easy Zero24 installments and will be offered with three unique lifestyle bundles at no extra cost.

The Most Beautiful Laptop You Can Own. It’s not an overstatement. The MacBook Air is the most beautiful laptop you can own. From the outside, the aluminum unibody design looks modern and minimalist. The tapering edges also make the laptop genuinely attractive and impressive. Although it’s the same chassis design we’ve been seeing since 2010, there’s really nothing to complain about since it resonates with ’premiumness’ that you can only get from Apple.

Measuring 17mm in diameter and weighing at 1.4kg, the MacBook Air is gorgeously thin and surprisingly light. It’s light enough that it’s barely noticeable in your bag and robust enough that you don’t feel like it’s going to break when you use it. Overall, this laptop sends an unequivocal message: the MacBook Air is an engineering feat – one that cannot be copied.

Lifestyle Bundles – TRVLR, EXCTV, SCHLR
To help you get the most out of your new MacBook Air lifestyle, Beyond the Box is including three unique lifestyle bundles that you could choose from without any extra cost. Choose between the TRVLR, EXCTV, and SCHLR bundle and take full advantage of the complimentary add-ons’ lifestyle boosts.

Free-spirited, always out and about. ‪#‎iAMTRVLR
Bundle inclusions: MacBook Air + Coloud Pop, ACME Made Skinny Sleeve, and Nude Audio Speakers. There is no greater feeling than packing your bags and knowing you’re heading to another adventure. That is what the TRVLR Bundle is all about. This bundle is targeted at individuals who travel constantly whether it’s for leisure or work. If you’re a correspondent covering the latest stories, a carefree tourist, or just someone who is in a perpetual working holiday, this is the bundle to get.

Driven to succeed, a paragon of excellence ‪#‎iAMEXCTV
Bundle inclusions: MacBook Air + Soundfreaq Pocket Kick, ACME Made Sleeve
Nothing compares to the overwhelming sense of accomplishment executives get at the end of each day. The EXCTV Bundle is for high achievers who lead by example and don’t settle for second best – ideal for office professionals and entrepreneurs.

Inquisitive, thirsty for knowledge ‪#‎iAMSCHLR
Bundle inclusions: MacBook Air + Urbanears Plattan, Speck MacBook Air Case, JRC Keyboard Protector. The pursuit of knowledge never ends. The SCHLR Bundle seeks to cultivate inquiring minds, nurture curiosity, and aid academics in their quest to learn and educate. If you’re a student or an academic by profession, this bundle is the perfect option.

This is a now-or-never opportunity to own a MacBook Air and live your lifestyle to the fullest! Visit Beyond the Box to take advantage of this promo today.

Promo Mechanics:
1. This promo is open to existing credit cardholders with good credit standing. Participating banks are: BDO, BPI, Citibank, Maybank, Metrobank, PNB, and Security Bank, Union Bank 
2. Promo period is from September 1 to September 30, 2015 only. 
3. This promo is not valid in conjunction with any ongoing Beyond the Box promotions. 
4. The approved installment transaction is automatically deducted from the cardholder's available credit limit.
5. To take advantage of the said promo, cardholder must personally present his or her Credit Card to the Beyond the Box branch with one valid Identification Card and sign the bank charge slip when the transaction is approved. 
6. Applicable to MacBook Air 11" and 13" 128GB only.
Participating Beyond the Box Branches: Century City Mall | One Rockwell | Market! Market! | Forbestown | Resorts World Manila | Lucky Chinatown | Robinsons Ermita | Robinson Galleria | VMall | Wil Tower | Veranza