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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Breakout Philippines: The country’s premiere escape room game presents 2 intense Halloween events

Mark your calendars for November 7, 2015 and get
ready for the ultimate Halloween event of the year! FOX International Channels
and Victoria Court are partnering up with Breakout Philippines, the country’s
premiere escape room game, to bring you an immersive horror experience like
no other!

Ever since 2014, Breakout has been providing a unique experience to thousands
of players by trapping them in different themed rooms for 45 minutes. They are
given an interactive game where players have to team up to find clues and solve
logic puzzles based on various storylines. Participants are encouraged to PLAN
as a team, SOLVE puzzles collaboratively in order to ESCAPE before time

This Halloween season, #VPartySeries: Midnight Mysteries changes the game
as it is no longer enough to BREAKOUT… you must now also SURVIVE! You
and your friends will be trapped in a room and will have 45 minutes to try and
survive the horror set before you.

There will be scare actors that will enter and exit the room as they please. Some
will be nice and try to help you by giving you clues, while some… are not. Be
prepared as they invade your personal space, tell you bone chilling stories,
separate you from your friends and sometimes, even leave you alone in the dark.
Be ready to be pushed out of your comfort zone.

This is still a BREAKOUT event so there is still puzzle solving involved. You will
still choose among the 5 super thematic rooms of Victoria Court Malate which will
determine the style of the overall puzzle you will have to solve:
1. The Asgard Room
2. The Casino Royale Room
3. The Bat Cave Room
4. The Candy Land Room
5. The Marakkesh (Sex in the City) Room

If the scares get too extreme for you, there is a safe word… screaming “I want
my mommy” will signal our actors to back off and bring you back to your friends.
Though be warned, doing so will forfeit the clue you may receive by surviving the
scare. Missing out on 1 clue won’t make it impossible to solve the puzzle, but it
will make it very difficult. So wear your brown pants and as much as you can,
brave up!

If that’s not enough, Breakout Philippines is also teaming up once again with
FOX to bring you The Walking Dead Breakout Room. As if time pressure is not
enough, you and your friends have to escape while trying to keep your wits
together as a flesh-eating walker breathes down your necks.

This is happening at TriNoma Level 4 Garden Restaurants (until November 14
only) and at the Breakout Katipunan Branch.
See if you have what it takes to survive by registering through our 3 main
payment channels—online, bank deposit, or in-store registration in any Victoria
Court Branch. Visit for more details.

For more updates, please follow Breakout Philippines on Facebook
( and Instagram (@BreakoutPH),
and Victoria Court on Facebook (
and Instagram (@victoriacourtVC).

Friday, October 30, 2015

Healthy Lifestyle, a trend that almost all want to do.

Zumba anytime and everywhere, Fun run there, Marathon over there, Market Fair for organic farm products, fitness workshops  and different food in can introducing healthy menu’s, these are the usual events we encounter this past months as blogger, to sum all of this, it’s all advocating healthy lifestyle, having healthy activity and eating the right food.

It is making signal to all of us that many or majority are aware the importance of having a healthy body, being healthy of course is being free from any diseases that environment, vices, stress and personal issues that may cause. Those activity and events mentions are proof that many individuals are now gearing for longevity in life.

This real situation coincide with the survey conducted recently by Herbalife, wherein 9 out 10 Filipino consumers are aware of abusing its health that can lead to serious illnesses, and a positive remarks stated in this survey that 78% expressed willingness to resolve their unhealthy attitude by doing some activities I mention above.

“We welcome the results of the survey. It gives an understanding of Filipinos becoming even more health conscious and self-aware that they need to make some lifestyle changes to improve their overall well-being. It also gives Herbalife an idea where we are needed, because as the survey revealed only four out of 10 would spend 10 to 30 minutes a day to make simple lifestyle changes,” said Rosalio Valenzuela, Herbalife Philippines General Manager.

Achieving all of this is not that easy, financially for the cost of healthy kind of food and for trainers or gym membership,  and time which majority also doesn’t have because they are so busy working and making money.

“The findings from the Herbalife survey clearly show that the majority of people in Asia Pacific that we questioned believe in the value of good nutrition and exercise as contributing to their overall well-being. We aim to play a greater role in providing practical tips and information to people to help them understand that the journey to a healthier, more active lifestyle is not difficult to achieve. With as little as 10 minutes a day, consumers can take positive steps to improve their nutrition and be more active, which will improve their overall well-being,” said William M. Rahn, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Herbalife Asia Pacific.

This concern is one of the topics discuss and given solutions at Herbalife Asia-Pacific Wellness tour, it’s mission is to understand and appreciate all aspects of living healthy.  Some of Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board are part of this year’s panel, like Dr. David Heber, a leading expert in nutrition and was named as “The best Doctors in America” by Thomson Reuters, he is the founding Director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition. Dr.Heber also visit Manila last Oct 23 and made talks for free in a symposium in Manila Hotel entitled “Obesity: More Than Just Being Overweight  and Nutrition Forecast for 2020.”, and was attended by hundreds of  different medical practitioners in the country.

Dr. Heber also conducted seminars for thousands of Herbalife independent members.  Herbalife products are being sold in more than 90 countries through network of independent members. The 35 year old global nutrition company is advocating weight management, nutrition and personal care products that support healthy living. 

ATC GINGKO BILOBA: Protect your Precious Memories

They say that memories are the fuel that people burn in order to stay alive. Without the power of remembrance, our existence would be dull and flat. How else can we learn from our mistakes and triumphs? With the lessons from the past, those good and bad, we are enabled to keep on enduring and living despite the innumerable challenges in life. We strive to move forward and reach greater heights as the pain of past failures makes the possible attainment of victory even sweeter.
We can’t afford to lose this vital mental capability. Good thing is that there are herbal plants like ginkgo biloba which makes our minds replenished through time. ATC Healthcare International Corp. sought out the best ginkgo biloba out there to fit into one convenient capsule ATC Ginkgo Biloba.

ATC Ginkgo Biloba is the brain enhancer you need to keep your memory sharp. ATC Ginkgo Biloba is a food supplement mainly made of gingko biloba and maiden tree extracts. These two extracts are known to help sharpen the memory and has been used since the early periods of history as food and a traditional medicine. Ginkgo Biloba, to be found in ATC Ginkgo Biloba, is believed to be one of the most effective herbal plants that is used for the management of memory loss and improvement of cognitive functions and primary senses. Aside from its brain enhancing capabilities, Gingko Biloba is also helpful in regulating blood flow to the brain thus lowering the possibility of having Stroke. It is also capable of protecting and healing damaged cells that are caused by inevitable diseases such as Alzhiemer’s and Glaucoma. Not to mention, it can also help in alleviating mental depression and mood disorders. For just SRP P6.00 per capsule, retain the power of your mind with ATC Gingko Biloba.

Take ATC Ginkgo Biloba every day and take the world by storm through the innate gift of knowledge that you possess. ATC Ginkgo Biloba is available at Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores nationwide. (PR)

A new Honda Motorcycle is about to be known.

Commuting or by any means of transport, driving a motorcycle is really a fun and great help as well, make sure your complete with all the knowledge and proper gear, and to make driving more exciting, Honda, the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, is launching another exciting motorcycle one after the other in the Philippines.

This varied from the most technologically advance Scooters with Smart Engines to the most powerful Sports Engine in its class, and to add to their league, Honda is proud to present New Generation 150cc Liquid-cooled DOHC 6-speed racing engine born out of Moto GP DNA.

This Gen-S Sports Model will be finally revealed to the public at the much awaited Inside Racing Grand Prix (IRGP) event slated on November 15, 2015.

To know more about it, please visiti or visit

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Finalists for the Asia CEO Awards 2015 announced

Sponsor CEO for this year's Asia CEO Awards during the presscon last Oct 20, 2015.
MANILA, PHILIPPINES—Now on its sixth successful year, Asia CEO Awards 2015 is setting the stage to be the most competitive and closely fought ceremony to date as it recently revealed the outstanding companies and individuals who made it to list of finalists across its 13 award categories.

The event, which will culminate on the evening of November 11 at the grand ballroom of the Marriott Hotel Manila, shines the spotlight on management teams and individuals who have made significant contributions in helping build the Philippines into one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. One of the largest events of its kind in the Asia Pacific region, the Asia CEO Awards promotes leadership excellence and team-building within organizations and highlights Filipino business accomplishments to the world’s business leaders.

With nominations finally coming to a close last September 28 the much anticipated list of finalists was finally revealed today by the Asia CEO Awards esteemed Board of Judges led by its Chairman, Richard Mills, who shares that every year he and his fellow judges are finding it more and more challenging to choose the final list of winners.

“The largest number of individuals and management teams were nominated this year. We’re seeing more and more leaders and companies rising in the Philippines, and they’re possessing skills and leadership styles that are at par with global standards,” shares Mills. “It has been our primary goal to promote the Philippines as an attractive investment destination and a valuable source for world-class leaders. The fact that we are finding it harder each year to come up with a winner out of all the quality nominations we’ve been getting, speaks a lot about the progress made in human resource development in the country,” he adds.

The frontrunners
This year submissions were received from a wide range of industries including banking and finance, real estate, maritime, mining, insurance, energy, business process outsourcing (BPO), tourism, healthcare, and the public sector, to name a few.

“We highly commend the large number of finalists who have worked hard to get to this stage in the awards process. The entries we’ve received for 2015 far exceeded the previous year’s nominations, not only in terms of quantity but of the level of quality entries as well. The list of finalists we present today count many of the most successful individuals and organizations that are actively working to enhance the Philippines’ reputation as a prime destination for global business investment,” states Mills.

Each year, the Asia CEO Awards recognizes management teams and individuals across the following 10 award categories:

KPMG Executive Leadership Team of the Year. Open to any profit-making organization, the award recognizes the executive management team for its success in overseeing a business enterprise either within the Philippines or outside of it. The 10 teams who made it to the list of finalists demonstrate exceptional leadership skills that maximize stakeholders’ values. This year, the finalists are Clark Development Corporation, Concepcion Industrial Corporation, Hedcor, Inc., Integrated Micro-Electronics, Inc., Magsaysay Maritime Corporation, Megaworld Corporation, PAG-IBIG Fund, Philex Mining Corporation, Pointwest Technologies Corporation, and Security Bank Corporation.

SyncHRony Global Top Employer of the Year awards any Philippine-based organization that achieved important employer success while overseeing a business enterprise either within the Philippines or outside of it. Eight companies comprise the finalists, namely ADP Philippines, Inc., ANZ Global Services and Operations Manila, Inc., Capital One Philippines Support Services Corporation, Cognizant Technology Solutions Philippines, Inc., HSBC Electronic Data Processing (Philippines), Inc., IBEX Global Solutions Philippines, Inc., LBC Express, Inc., and TATA Consultancy Services (Philippines), Inc.

Smart Enterprise Global Filipino Executive of the Year Award. Open to any Filipino citizen or person of Filipino descent, the accolade recognizes individuals who achieved proven success in the Philippines or outside of it. This year, nominated executives include the following: Andrew Tan, chairman of Alliance Global Group, Inc.; Arnel Paciano Casanova, president and CEO of the Bases Conversion and Development Authority; Arthur Tugade, president and CEO of Clark Development Corporation; Arthur Tan, president and CEO of Integrated Micro-Electronics, Inc.; Gilda Pico, president and CEO of Land Bank of the Philippines; Marlon Rono, president of Magsaysay Maritime Corporation; Oscar Reyes, president and CEO of Manila Electric Company (MERALCO); Darlene Marie Berberabe, president and CEO of PAG-IBIG Fund; Frederick Go, president of Robinsons Land Corporation; Alberto Villarosa, chairman of Security Bank Corporation; and Riza Mantaring, president and CEO of Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) Inc.

JLL Expatriate Executive of the Year Award recognizes any non-Filipino who achieved measurable success while overseeing a business enterprise within the Philippines. The finalists comprise five exemplary expat executives, namely Mark Woolfrey, managing director of ANZ Global Services and Operations Manila, Inc.; Tom McCormick, COO of Capital One Philippines Support Services Corporation; Pushkar Misra, president and CEO of Hinduja Global Solutions Philippines, Inc.; David Sutherland, global CEO of International Care Ministries; and Michael Raeuber, group CEO of Royal Cargo, Inc.

Awarded to any Philippine-based organization that demonstrate the highest standards of excellence in customer satisfaction, the ADP Service Excellence Company of the Year Award counts eight organizations among its finalists: Acquire BPO, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Healthway Medical Clinics, Inc., Infosys BPO Ltd., Lorma Medical Center, Magsaysay Maritime Corporation, Regus Global Service Center, and Seda Hotels.

Recognizing innovation that enhances not only an organization’s business processes, but also benefits society as a whole, the SHORE Solutions Most Innovative Company of the Year Award includes the following innovation-led enterprises among its finalists: Bronzeoak Philippines, Inc., LBC Express, Inc., My Checkpoints (Mo-Anima, Inc.), and WiPro Philippines.

The candidates for the Capital One Young Leader of the Year Award shines the spotlight on young leaders, no older than 35 years of age, who have accomplished remarkable achievements in their field. Out of the following nine finalists, it is much anticipated who will come out on top: Raymond Arnedo Abrea, president and CEO of the Abrea Consulting Group, Inc.; Scott Stavretis, CEO of Acquire BPO; Delfin Agnelo Wenceslao, director, president and CEO of D.M. Wenceslao and Associates, Inc.; Iyah Enciso, CEO of FAD School for Modelling; Mario Berta, founder and CEO of; Leandro Legarda Leviste, president and CEO of Solar Philippines; Apollo Tiglao, president and CEO of Subic Water and Sewage Co., Inc.; Bryce Maddock, CEO of TaskUs; and Clarissa Isabelle Delgado, CEO of Teach for the Philippines, Inc.

Recognizing outstanding achievement in the field of sustainability and environmental protection, the ADEC Innovations Green Company of the Year Award is open to both corporate and non-corporate organizations. The following six companies comprise the finalists: Accenture, Inc., Emotors, Inc., Hedcor, Inc., Meralco Industrial Engineering Services Corporation (MIESCOR), Ten Knots Development Corporation/El Nido Resorts, and Tuks+Oil Technology.

One out of seven companies that focus on Information and Communications Technology, Bio Technology and Material Science, Sciences and Math and Engineering will be awarded the Technology Company of the Year Award. These include Accenture, Inc., CreditBPO Tech, Inc., Eco-Systems Technologies, Inc., Elabram Systems Group,, TATA Consultancy Services (Philippines), Inc., and 24/7 Philippines.

The I-Remit Heart for OFWs Company of the Year Award recognizes private and public corporations that implement specific programs that produce a positive and significant effect to Filipino overseas foreign workers and their families. The six finalists are ACM Landholdings, Inc., ASKI (Alalay sa Kaunlaran) Global Ltd., Ayannah Information Solutions, Inc., PAG-IBIG Fund OFW Center, PJ Lhuillier Group of Companies, and The Global Filipino Investors, Inc.

Because social commitment to the Filipino people should never go unrewarded, the ICM CSR Company of the Year Award seeks to highlight significant efforts made in promoting environmental protection and awareness, livelihood programs and youth development projects. Thirteen exemplary organizations comprise the finalists: ADP Philippines, Inc., ANZ Global Services and Operations Manila, Inc., BPI Foundation, Capital One Philippines Support Services Corp., Citinickel Mining and Development Corp., Cognizant Technology Solutions Philippines, Inc., Convergys Philippines, Dell Philippines, HSBC Electronic Data Processing (Philippines), Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co., Megaworld Foundation, Inc., PMFTC, Inc., and Wipro Philippines.

Open to ASEAN-based organizations engaged in the hotel and resort industry, the Philippine Airlines Hospitality Destination of the Year Award highlights outstanding companies that have successfully promoted ASEAN tourism and showcased the genuine hospitality and flourishing cultural heritage of the ASEAN region. Four stellar companies are vying for the top spot: Acacia Hotel Manila, Marriott Manila, New World Makati Hotel, and Nurture Wellness Village.

With the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) finally coming into fruition end of this year, the much anticipated TCS ASEAN Company of the Year Award duly recognizes the organization that has achieved significant business growth and expansion across the world’s currently most dynamic region. The finalists of this award, all demonstrating their commitment in introducing and boosting ASEAN economic capabilities and competitiveness within the region, include Hedcor, Inc., Integrated Micro-Electronics, Inc., Jones Lang LaSalle Philippines, Inc., Multimedia Development Corporation, Pointwest Technologies Corporation, and Wipro Philippines. 

Presented by PLDT Alpha Enterprise, the Asia CEO Awards is set to be one of the biggest events of its kind in the Asia Pacific region. Over 1,200 business leaders from the Philippines and across the world are expected to attend this special occasion that recognizes extraordinary leaders who have successfully demonstrated outstanding achievement for their organizations and contributions to others.
The world’s business leaders will definitely have their eyes on the Philippines on the night of the annual gala event, which will promptly begin at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, November 11, at the grand ballroom of Marriott Hotel Manila.

Established as a natural outgrowth of the Asia CEO Forums, the largest regular networking event for the Philippine business community, the Asia CEO Awards undergoes a very stringent judging process, with its Board of Judges comprising such industry movers and shakers as Dr. Bernie Villegas, distinguished Filipino economist; Don Felbaum, former president of the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines; Edward Chang, president of the Korean Chamber of Commerce Philippines; John Casey, former president of the Australia-New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Philippines; Jun Palafox, principal architect of world-renowned architectural design and planning firm, Palafox Associates; and Oscar Sanez, San Miguel vice president - International, and former CEO of Business Processing Association of the Philippines.

To learn more about the awards, log on to (PR)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Lancris Residences Holds Wine Tasting Event on October 24.

BETTER LIVING, PARANAQUE- Lancris Residences, the forefront in stylish condo living, will hold a wine tasting event on Saturday, October 24, 2015 at seven in the evening.

Mr. Massimo Cavallon of Il Biancorosso will host the event in front of the Garnet Tower Showroom. He will present Italian brands including the famous Montecrocetta’s Passitaia. Cocktails will also be served with classical music performances in the background.

Attendees may tour the 1.3-hectare property before the wine tasting event to have a first-hand experience of the lifestyle Lancris Residences has to offer.

As a treat for attendees, Land Cris Somerset Dev’t Corp, the owner and developer of Lancris Residences, will unveil the scale model of the project to give a bird’s eye view of how the master-planned community will look and feel when its four towers, clubhouse complex and commercial building are ready to be enjoyed by its residents.

To reserve a seat at the wine tasting event, call 0917.801.2677 or send an email to

Lancris Residences is the legacy project of Land Cris Somerset Development Corporation, sister company of the Duraville Realty and Dev’t. Corp and Durawood Construction and Lumber Supply, Inc. Located inside Better Living Subdivision in Paranaque City, Lancris Residences boasts of its suburban location, spacious units, and amenities designed for the family. It is marketed by Duraville Marketing Inc., (PR)

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Your figther against PMS, ATC Evening Primrose.

Don’t Let PMS Get the Best of You Once a month, women turn temporarily into monsters - unpredictable, confrontational, irrational and emotional monsters. As such, they wreak havoc on those that dare cross them. Acquaintances, friends, loved ones… none are spared. Why? Premenstrual syndrome (PMS). 

ATC Evening Primrose relieves premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and breast tenderness associated with the menstrual cycle. ATC Evening Primrose also helps alleviate hot flashes caused by menopause and reduces symptoms of eczema and dermatitis. Also, be reminded that ATC Evening Primrose is not a medicinal drug and should not be used to treat the symptoms of any disease. Don’t be a PMS monster, take ATC Evening Primrose. 

ATC Evening Primrose is recommended to be taken one capsule a day, preferably with warm water. ATC Evening Primrose is available at Mercury Drug and all leading drugstores nationwide for SRP P6.00 per soft gel capsule. ATC Evening Primrose, the supplement for women. (PR)

Energizing our heart thru ATC Coenzyme Q10.

Take Care of What Keeps You Going. Our heart’s main function is to pump blood to the rest of the body. It supplies oxygen and nutrients to the body. Without the heart, your body will stop functioning. That’s why it is of utmost importance to take care of your heart. This is something that is both hard and easy to do. Hard, because there are just far too many temptations around us. And easy, because of the different scientific developments and products that aims to protect your heart for you, like ATC Coenzyme Q10. ATC Coenzyme Q10 is called “The heart energizer”. 

With proper diet and exercise, it helps improve the heart’s ability to pump more blood. ATC Coenzyme Q10 also lowers the viscosity of the blood making it even easier for the heart to function normally. It also functions as antioxidants, which protects body from damage caused by harmful molecules. Still, ATC Coenzyme Q10 is not a medicinal drug and should not be used to treat the symptoms of any disease. ATC Coenzyme Q10 is recommended to be taken 2-3 capsules a day, preferably with warm water. 

ATC Coenzyme Q10 is available at Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores nationwide for only SRP P18.00 per capsule. ATC Coenzyme Q10, You’re in good heart. (PR)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


The newly opened UNO Premier office in upscale Bonifacio Global City, Taguig was virtually swarming with luxury cars and stylish personalities. The event is the formal grand launch of UNO Premier, one of the country's leading business clubs and network marketing companies. Even before its official launch, UNO Premier has already broke numerous new grounds in the network marketing industry.

It is the first network marketing company to open its own huge corporate offices and training centers in Ortigas and BGC, Taguig, two leading business hubs in the country.

It was also the first to introduce its own app and UNO All Access card, a VIP cum loyalty card that seeks to conveniently professionalize transactions of UNO members.

Top executives led by the UNO Premier Board of Directors William Barbo, Herbie Chua and Oliver Chua were on hand to give inspirational speeches to the huge crowd of UNO members who were dressed to their nines and came with their hard-earned luxury cars.
Uno Pres. William Barbo.
Barbo started his speech with milestones of UNO such as its strong international growth in the US, Middle East, Africa and Hong Kong. He elaborated on the various business centers and branches that have continually cropped up in key cities in the World.

"We also launched the newest seal of glory in UNO’s history – the Team Pride award. The effect really paid off because we managed to fill both Cebu and Davao venues to the brim. Internationally, we also launched UNO Premier in the USA. The posh Beverly Hills was the venue of our launch and it was more than well attended, thus enforcing the fact that UNO Premier is fast rising in the ranks of international multi-level marketing companies," he proudly enumerated.

Barbo said that this is in line with their goal of being the premier network marketing company for the high-end set.

For his part, Oliver Chua talked about improvements in UNO's transaction and distribution systems. "In line with the opening of our office, you can now get easier access to UNO Premier’s roster of products. We improved the overall pay-in and distribution system here so every transaction will go smoothly and hassle-free. More than that, in the coming months, we will be adding more products to the already world-class and impressive lineup of UNO Premier," he added

While Herbie Chua unveiled the UNO MobKard app for IOS and Andriod, a location-based mobile loyalty solutions provider that has a huge database of brands, services and offers for all their members. It includes the existing UNO All Access card items, plus the existing items under MobKard like Serenitea, Vans, The Bistro Group of Restaurants, MedExpress, 360 Fitness Club, LayBare and much more.

Chua also surprised their members with the unveiling of their partnership with SM  Development Corporation (SMDC), one of the country's largest real estate developers, to exclusively offer condo and housing requirements to its members with a 1 percent discount through the MobKard app.
Barbo also bared the newest training director of UNO, a leading and respected network marketing guru in here and abroad. He will help develop a unique training system exclusive for UNO Premier members to help them with their sales targets.

UNO Premier was softly launched just last year and now has thousands of members composed of movers and shakers of society, big businessmen, celebrities and foreigners.

Just recently, it had a successful roadshow in the US and was featured extensively in top media channels such as ABS-CBN's The Filipino Channel (TFC) and leading newspapers abroad.
Presently, UNO Premier has expanded and hold offices in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Dubai, Abudhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Nigeria, United Kingdom in London and in the US.

UNO Premier is set to conquer other parts of the world as it plans its major expansion programs.

For more information about UNO Premier, like its official Facebook Page (UNO Premier Official Site) and visit (PR)

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Studio 24 Exhibit by Philippine School of Interior Design. (PR)

Designs for Redefining Spatial Limitations
Millennials today, are setting trends across all markets. In the realm of real estate, millennials’ needs and preferences are even prompting developers to build more vertical housing units that feature micro-condos.

To show just how versatile a micro-condo space can be, despite its size, the Philippine School of Interior Design’s graduating batch of 2015 tackles its personalization with STUDIO24, an exhibit showcasing innovative design solutions that not only maximize the area but also cater to the taste of 24 different dweller archetypes.
Small Space Can Mean Big Potential
According to a study by Lamudi, 42% of the condo units for sale have a floor plan of 50sqm. or less. While the floor sizes decrease, the number of units in a building increases. Therefore, more tenants are accommodated. In exchange of proximity to lifestyle conveniences and the chance to actively socialize, first-time homeowners are choosing micro-condos over house and lots in the suburbs.

Often, small condos carry the stigma of being cramped and limited. However, in the right hands micro-condos can be personalized into a dream abode.  With micro-condos becoming the norm, adapting one’s style to a small space is more of an opportunity than a challenge. As long as the space is customized to fit the style and needs of the homeowner, the small size is of very little consequence.

A Legacy of Thinking outside the Box
For the past 48 years, The Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID), has nurtured and taught countless interior designers who continue to make their mark here and abroad. In doing so, PSID fostered a legacy of taking unassuming spaces and turning them into the ideal nests. STUDIO24 utilizes twenty-four standard 24sqm. spaces decked out in 24 popular trends inspired by unique personality archetypes. Each of the 24 styles fall under 3 main categories.

Ladies’ Lairs evoke the colorful activities and interests of today’s independent women. The styles under it include; The Pastry Chef, The Socialite, The Romantic Writer, The Artist, The Classy Dame, The Bachelorette, The Shy Violet, and The Comic Geek.

Meanwhile, Man Caves is geared towards the modern male who lives a well-rounded and active lifestyle. Listed under Man Caves are the following: The Refined Gentleman, The Gadget Freak, The Young Urban Professional, The Sports buff, The Travel Bug, The Anime Aficionado, The Goth, and The Old Collector.

Lastly, Perfect Pairings celebrate dynamic duos and the passions they pursue. This category houses the following styles: The Retirees, The Power Couple, The Newlyweds, The Backpackers, The Brothers in Arms, The Spinster Sisters, The Gay Bestfriends, and The College Buddies.
“We want to show that our budding designers can not only adapt to the new norm of micro-condos, they can use ingenious, imaginative, and innovative design solutions that not only showcase their talent but also show dwellers how to transform their space,” shares Pojie Pambid, Dean of PSID. The exhibit runs from October 3-31 at Ronac Lifestyle Center along Paseo de Magallanes.

One of the country’s most prestigious design institutes, PSID has honed the talents of countless designers. For more information on PSID and its graduates, please visit:

1. French Provincial / The Pastry Chef- The Pastry Chef uses distressed accents to evoke the simplicity of provincial France, while the predominant light green color brings a fresh and non-traditional twist to the room.
2. Neo Baroque / The Socialite- The Socialite's tufted walls and repetitive fleur de lys motifs are sophisticated and ultra-femme.

3. Modern Victorian / The Romantic Writer- The Romantic Writer uses plenty of wrought iron and guild work mixed with shades of blush to modernize traditional aesthetics.

4. Filipino Indigenous / The Artist- The Artist features the sinuous curves and geometric batik prints of the Cordillera region, paired with natural materials like bamboo and carabao horn.
5. Greco Roman / The Classy Dame- The Classy Dame is mature and elegant with its deep maroon curtains that act as dividers, and its marble floors that beckon images of a luxurious past.

6. Art Nouveau / The Bachelorette- The Bachelorette's use of diaphanous fabrics and large wooden furniture evokes the femininity of the Art Nouveau period.

7. French Rococo / Shy Violet - The Shy Violet's open space allows the use of brightly colored ornate furnishings against its subdued gray background.
8. Pop Art / The Comic Geek - The Comic Geek's space is bright and colorful with obvious nods to Pop Art like the Brit telephone booth-inspired bathroom and Campbell's soup coffee table.
9. Island Tropical / The Retirees - The Retirees has a soothing tropical vibe courtesy of the natural wood and woven fabrics, and floaty fabrics.
10. Modern Chinese / The Power Couple- The Power Couples integrates Chinese silks, stoneware, and lattice work in a minimalistic yet lavishly detailed space.
11. Asian Contemporary / The Newlyweds - The Newlyweds has a youthful and fresh feel with lots of furnishings being customizable to accommodate more guests.
12. Mediterranean / The Travel Team - The Backpackers focuses on a less popular but equally beautiful Mediterranean country -- Morocco. Using Oji arches for space separation and a predominantly white and blue palette keeps it breezy and clean.
13. Modern Contemporary / Brothers In Arms - The Brothers in Arms uses both rough raw finishes and clean polished accents to create a space that is masculine and creative.
14. English Country / The Spinster Sisters - The Spinster Sisters utilizes chintz and floral to exude the feel of the English countryside, while ivory and blue give it a classic touch.
15. Italian Renaissance / Gay Best Friends- The Gay Best friends is opulent and gilded with rich curtains and lavish pillars to create segregation.
16. Deconstructivism / The College Buddies- The College Buddies is inspired by the sharp angles of sound waves, resulting in a deconstructivist space that boasts a multi-functional space fit for socializing.
17. Art Deco / The Refined Gentleman - The Refined Gentleman's abode is a direct homage to the luxurious and sensuous era of the 20s. With lots of gold and black, it is extravagant without being excessive.
18. Industrial High Tech / The Mechanic- The Mechanic uses lots of industrial materials and dark colors for a sleek and masculine vibe.
19. Vintage 40s and 50s / The Young Professional - The Young Professional prioritizes the marriage of comfort and function in this colorful yet classily subdued space inspired by the 40s & 50s.
20. Bauhaus / The Sports Buff- The Bauhaus inspired interiors of this unit evoke cool and clean with the all white palette and stark furnishings.
21. Modern Egyptian / The Backpacker- The Backpacker uses geometric prints and warm tones to evoke the spirit of the Egyptian style it's largely inspired by.
22. Modern Japanese / Anime Aficionado - The Anime Aficionado's condo is moody and hi-tech, making it the perfect space for the Japanese style accents to take center stage.
23. Neo Gothic / The Goth- The Goth takes traditional accents of the Gothic era through curtains, rose windows, polished wood, and iron accents.
24. Filipino Colonial / The Old Collector- The Old Collector brings the Bahay na Bato look to the condo-scape with capiz and dark wood accents.