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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Getting slim for Holiday season tru My Slim.

Admit it, Holiday is just around the corner, and what common about this kind of season, almost everyone is gaining weight, due to many celebrations such as office Christmas parties and other feast that seasons brings. Of course, there are a lot of foods everywhere, and people are too busy in preparing many things like buying gifts, attending reunions and parties.

So it is a busy season, being busy meaning you don’t have time to exercise, to join the weekly Zumba sessions or getting into gym for fitness regimen. And the result could add to your best kept secret of getting fat, much worse is if you are obese already and this season struck you the most.

As a busy person like me, who does blogging and 8 hours office duty on a night shift, it is a struggle for me to lose weight, and even my annual exam result is telling me to lose at least 30ibs to manage my height and my age to a healthier life.

So I learn the mySlim with Yerba Mate through blogs, at first I was hesitant because it seems only to cater for females, due to  its latest endorser Jennylyn Mercado and I’m not seeing a male counterpart either. But in preparation to look healthy and getting slim for the coming holidays, I dare myself take the mySlim juice.

I’m not a fan of any diet pills or any lose weight products, but somehow this mySlim juice is kinda changing my perception about shedding pounds in an instant, but not really an instant as in right away. The first reaction is going to the comfort rooms, yes losing those toxins and fats is I guess its first effect.

And after all of that, I feel a clean stomach, something not bloated or something that it’s not use to be like before, I use to have big stomach and I know it didn’t shrink that yet, but the confidence it gave me that it did shrink, is something to look forward to. And even though I did go to CR I think 2 to 3 times in a day, I feel not exhausted or dehydrated.

Upon checking mySlim, it said that it contains Yerba Mate that was first discovered in Brazil as a tea.  And through generations it was proven clinically as a major component in weight management. It is also noted that it did reduces fat not harming  lean muscles and only burns unwanted fat, making you fit and healthy. Not only for girls, but for boys too especially for occasional beer drinker like me.
I was also inform that it comes with Palatinose, that kind of thing is giving you energy that can make you last longer, and Carnipure also that gives you relief from hunger.

My story is still in work in progress, I will still continue and observe but so far this mySlim is really a good one for me, no palpitations and no allergic reaction so far.
mySlim is manufactured by Vida Nutriscience Incorporated,  a leading health and wellness products provider in the market and the country’s go-to provider of safe, novel and ethical health and wellness products. It comes in juice and in capsule.

Visit, or like and follow their social media pages myslimPH on Facebook, and myslimdetox for Twitter, and Instagram to know more about mySlim.

Another Gen-S Story: Honda Launches the All New HONDA RS150

(from left): Mr. Elie Salamangkit Jr., Product Planning Manager, Honda Philippines Inc. ; Daiki Mihara, President, Honda Philippines, Inc.; Noriaki Abe, Chief Operating Officer, Regional Operations, Asia Oceania and president of Asian Honda Motors Company Limited ; Hideo Nishinaga, AVP,General Manager, Sales and Marketing Division,Honda Philippines Inc.

The newest Honda sports bike is now officially introduce in the Philippine Market during the Inside Racing Grand Prix (IRGP) event held at Carmona Racing Circuit, it is equipped with a New Generation 150cc Liquid-cooled DOHC 6-speed engine. The all New RS150 is the latest from the most technologically advance Scooters with Smart Engines to the most powerful Sports Engine in its class, of course from the World’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, Honda.

Mr. Daiki Mihara, Honda Philippines, Inc. President and Mr. Noriaki Abe of Asian Honda, Chief Operating Officer of Asia & Oceana Region of Honda Motor Japan, were present during the launching, and they announced Honda’s commitment in delivering the most exciting Honda product for the New Generation. This is just the beginning of another Gen-S story to come hinted by the two top Honda executives.

“To ensure the best handling possible, Honda’s Philosophy in developing sports motorcycle was applied wherein “Rider can control engine power in any circumstances… exactly when needed and as much as needed” or “Control at Riders’ Will”. Said by Mr. Elie Salamangkit Jr., Honda Product Planning Manager.

What cool about this latest model, the Design, Frame and Engine synergy is what made this newest Honda motorcycle special. The bike reflects aggressive new generation styling with sharp looking body and boasts attractive features from latest Super sports. It gives pride to the rider as it is sharp wedge shape and innovative and edgy surface treatment not to mention its class leading features of LED Headlight, Fully Integrated Digital Meter Panel, Rear and Big Diameter Front Disc Brakes, Aluminum Cast Wheel, Clamped handle bar, Tubeless tires, and Rear Monoshock absorber among others.

It is very suitable for City streets, the frame which holds the motorcycle was designed with high agility and safety in mind, frame and chassis delivers agile and responsive control, its agile 45 degrees steering handle, compact dimension wheelbase of 1275mm plus the application of new strong twin-tube type sports frame which is designed to be safe at high speed and quick acceleration.

The engine performance has the best acceleration in its class, but still fuel efficient by application of wide variety of friction reduction technologies producing maximum power of 11.8KW (16.0 PS) at 9,000 rpm. The new generation engine especially designed for Southeast Asia including the Philippines has the following characteristics:

1. Flexible output characteristics that enable fun riding in a wide range of riding situations.
2. Improved fuel efficiency performance.
3. Remarkable level of comfort enabling the rider to experience a high-grade feel.
4. Exterior design with functional beauty that evokes the sophisticated mechanism.
Due to its social responsibility, the all new RS150 is environment friendly with its Euro-3 compliant emission and safety is still Honda’s top most priority with the installation of Bank Angle sensor that increases rider’s safety by automatic engine turn-off during accidental crash or fall.

The IRGP crowd was further treated by actual show-off run of All New RS150 in the race track with its three exciting colors, Black, Winning Red and Space Magenta Metallic as special color which will all be available in Honda Shops nationwide. Honda also reveal to the public their another Sports model, the All New CB150R which will be launched by next summer of 2016 as the Honda Gen-S story continues…

For more details about Gen-S stories, visit their website at or visit or contact the local dealer nearest you!