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Monday, January 16, 2017

Mr. Young Philippines 2000, the Palawan show. Bandillo Ng Palawan, June 19-25, 2000.

Its one of the most controversial pageant rivalry ever in the history of Palawan, wherein in one night a national male pageant is held in an open amphitheater, while the annual provincial search for its most beautiful lass is also happening in another venue in one City, in Puerto Princesa City.

This is the first and the last Palawan show of Mr, Young Philippines way back year 2000, a usual Manila base pageant headed by the late Ed Marfori. The show itself had series of controversy especially from the people involve in organizing it. 

However, it was fun and unforgettable experience for the candidates who flew all the way from different provinces and Cities in the country, they were surprise how beautiful the City and unaware that they were used against a political rivalry, the City and the Capitol had a falling out thats why the date of the finals night was scheduled on the same day. The City Government support the MYP while the Province is hosting a festival at that time where the search for Miss Palawan is a big event. 

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