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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Chronicles Of Northpine Land Heroes. NLI honors top sellers

NLI’s broker heads and Leadership Team give thumbs up to show their unity.
From the brilliant quartet to the glorious decorations and arresting venue design, NorthPine Land, Inc. (NLI) definitely created a magical night to celebrate the top performers of 2016 dubbed as extraordinary heroes.

In the recently concluded Annual Awards 2016, NLI gathered its Sales Network for a night to rejoice over the company’s milestones

TO MAKING MORE DREAMS COME TO LIFE. NLI GM, Ferdinand Macabanti, gives a 
toast to celebrate successes and welcome future ventures of the team.

“NorthPine experienced a triumphant 2016 which quickly led to an upswing for the first months of 2017 and we have our assiduous sellers to thank for. As a team, we intend to sustain this momentum and remind people that excellent work is duly recognized,” shared NLI GM, Ferdinand Macabanti.

Top Broker for 2016 received the coveted NLI’s Master’s Green Jacket and Trophy. More brokers and sellers won in several other award categories during the event.
The 2016 winners received plaques and prizes. Car incentives were also given to deserving agents.
From L-R: CFO Ben Tatunay, VP for Corporate Services, Wilma Fernando, car incentive winners: Kyre Ching, Shiela Lim and Rey Nidua, together with NLI GM, Ferdinand Macabanti are all smiles during the prestigious awarding ceremony.
For NLI, the previous year’s sales record is positively one for the books. The property developer conquered several astounding accomplishments that marked its name in the real estate map. It changed the landscape of a new territory in North Luzon through Montana Views in Pampanga while maintaining its good momentum in its projects in South Luzon. 

With the real estate group embarking on a year of significant changes, NLI seeks more transcendent moments as it ventures into making dreams come to life. (PR)

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