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Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Hot Spring in Sta. Lucia.

Sta. Lucia Hot Spring & Nature Park.
Yes, there is no active volcano in Palawan, but we have hot spring that you can visit and take a dip on especially during rainy season or even in summer days. 
In Puerto Princesa City alone we have two spots for hot spring aficionados, one in Brgy. Sta. Lourdes and in Sta.Lucia.  We drove going south this time and made a final curtain call in Sta.Lucia Hot Spring that was manage by City Environment Natural Resources Office.

I can’t remember my last visit to this place but what I notice is there is no minimal change, the swimming area was located in the top most area before, but It was now reconstructed with a bigger 4 pool in one roof swimming area, plus one Kiddie size pool.
Kids Pool
Cottages are around the area where you can leave your things, no charges for swimmers since the City ENRO is only collecting a donation fee that not even required.  Since it is located in a middle of forested area, expect bees and mosquito that may disturb you, be ready with any mosquito repellent in case.
The 4 Square type Pool.
The water is not that hot, just enough warm to keep your troubles away, somehow I feel rejuvenate after swimming and looks good on skin, maybe because there are few people who were there at that time. If you prefer the hot one take the first pool left side facing the main spring pool.
The main hot spring its off limits to guest due to its soft soil or quicksand.
The pool is open Monday to Sunday from 7am up to 5pm only, you can bring food or even cook it there since they have area for cooking, and obviously it is not that cozy or develop for commercial purposes, basically this is one venue of Puerto Princesans to detox.
The former pool area up there.
Going there must take up National Highway south of the City, past Iwahig to the left side you will see a wooden signage of the place, a feeder road of all season will take around 3 to 5 minutes before you reach the welcome area. A small sari-sari store is open inside but they don’t have that much.

Reservation is  not required since it is a first come first serve basis, having a private vehicle is recommended but if you’re commuting, its better to hire a tricycle or van so you can arrange your drop off and pick up. 

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