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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The WAB Boys of DYPR AM. Bandillo Ng Palawan Oct 21-27, 2002

Once a upon a time, a trio rule the AM band in Palawan doing public service, yes they are friends and share many stories together. Ed Sepida, Romy Luzares and John Paul Dacoco program in DYPR 765Khz is something to look forward right after lunch, they start a style of commentary with a lot of practical jokes, half mean or not, they are serious to deal with.

I'm sure somehow they miss this spotlight in their career, they share many controversies, issues that they face with flying colors. Ed is no longer in the Broadcast industry, he is employ somewhere in the middle east doing corporate job, Romy is into tourism industry promoting domestic tourism, while John Paul is still rocking the airwaves in the province as legit commentator.

Here is the clip of the article publish in Bandillo Ng Palawan by then.

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